Attention Entrepreneurs and Enterprises

The New ‘Contraversial’ Method to Get FREE Publicity.

PR expert who has transformed every day people into experts, celebrities and stars in 30 days or less, reveals her new system to allow you to do the same (by yourself) without hiring an expensive PR agency.

Hi I am Joanne Rahn,

I will introduce myself fully in just a minute.

But right now, I want to tell you about my new training that shows you exactly how to get publicity that can dramatically boost your income, skyrocket your status and impact millions…

More on that shortly.

Why is it so special?  

I have distilled my 20 years of PR expertise into a simple 6-STEP SYSTEM…

But the true beauty of the system is that it will help you get publicity on TV, Radio, Podcasts and in Glossy Magazines, Top Online Blogs and Newspapers!

Once you or your brand get media exposure, your life will change.

You will get better clients who pay you more, are less demanding, respect you as the expert, and refer business to you.

I have used it to generate tens of millions of dollars worth of PR for my own PR agency clients.

What’s more….

I have even taught it to high school children, who have gotten results.

It works, and I will prove that it can work for you too!

Best of all…

I am about to release it to the public.

“Publicity is absolutely critical.  A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.”

– Richard Branson –

But first, I know there is lots of B.S. out there…

So it’s important to know that you’re listening to the right person

So see what just a few of my PR Agency clients have to say:

Image of clients on television

“We knew that publicity was essential to drive our business forward.  Unfortunately, we had very limited success using PR agencies.  We also tried posting to social media, however, it did not work for us.  Jo helped Live Learn Survive appear on national TV, radio, and in several publications and newspapers.

Working with Jo is fantastic, her energy knows no bounds and she will leave no stone unturned to secure great opportunities for her clients.”

stars review

Leigh Mason & Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell – Live Learn Survive
Clients in media

“Prior to working with Jo we tried Social Media and Facebook advertising, which we quickly realised was not enough. We needed help to reach far and wide. Within one week of working with Jo, we went from no media opportunities to needing a calendar to make sure we didn’t double book! Being in our first year, I wasn’t sure the media would want to pick us up.However, Jo helped us to secure 5 radio interviews and 3 Newspaper interviews.

We couldn’t believe when Today show reporter, Lara Vella and her camera and sound crew came to record us! Thanks to that amazing opportunity, The Backpack Ven ture received a huge donation from Amazon Australia. Thanks to Jo, we reached many of our two-year goals in our first year!”

stars review

Catherine Woodbine – The Backpack Venture

And a few more…

“Joanne is amazing! She is my PR guru! I have consistently had press all over Australia and internationally, I’ve been on tv on Sunrise and weekend shows, the news, in women’s magazines and interviewed on radio, all because I have her by my side! She has helped me build my brand over the last two years and is a professional powerhouse to work with. She’s awesome!”

stars review

Suzi Dent – Mrs Earth Australia 2017, Keynote Speaker, Mentor & MC

and“To one of the best PR agents and firms around, more wonderful exposure. Your passion is amazing and it shows with consistent results. To any business who doesn’t think they can afford exposure and a direct increase in customers, then don’t use PR. For those that want it, there is only one choice: Joanne Rahn at zanthii communications.”

stars review

Andrew Barker, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer ANZ at Bartercard

“PR is second nature to Joanne. She explains the process quickly and easily and her work has resulted in excess of $1,000,000 of free media coverage for Friends With Dignity… She even taught me her system, which was incredibly simple! If you’re considering working with Jo, do it – you will be glad you did.”

stars review

Zoe Scharenguivel – Director, Friends With Dignity Australia

“We used to get mediocre results in the media, but since Joanne has been helping us our results have increased 10 times!  We couldn’t be happier!  Joanne is a rare breed of PR expert who gets real world results consistently.”

stars review

Marites Idea Novis –  CEO, QFirst Property Investment Group

“I have worked with Joanne for many years through the fashion industry and with my Entertainment biz, EPIC Creations. She is always super friendly and a fantastic communicator and is very enthusiastic, making her an absolute dream to work with! Cannot recommend highly enough!” 🙂

stars review

Riely Alecia Saville – Creative Director, EPIC Creations

“I have used publicists before without many results. Joanne has been incredibly helpful getting us in the media consistently… I don’t know how she does it, but she gets 3x the results in one-third of the time!”

stars review

Aarti Bajaj – CEO, Wild Dreamer Productions

Let me introduce myself properly.

My name’s Joanne… but you can call me Jo!

I’m the founder of Zanthii Communications – a successful Australian PR agency. Over the last 20 years my agency has secured tens of millions of dollars worth of FREE media exposure for my clients on television, radio, top podcasts and in magazines and leading online publications.

This are just a few media outlets where my clients regularly appear:


If you’re not already making the money that you want in your business, don’t worry.

It’s not your fault.

The cards are stacked against you (and other entrepreneurs).

‘Online Experts’ tell us that if we want to be successful we must hustle, post to social media daily, use expensive online ads, attend awkward networking events repeating our ‘elevator pitch’ like a parot, and make desperate cold calls and emails.

And it doesn’t work…

What the Online Experts don’t tell you that you must build your profile and have status before you do any of that.

Sure, it can work…

But if you don’t have a profile and status, it can feel like pushing the proverbial up the hill.

Think about it:

 There are always a few ‘industry leaders’ in each industry that get the best clients, money, and accolades…

and the rest are left to beg for work, are beaten down on price, and attract needy clients like a magnet – who drain them of time (and sanity).

What’s worse…

If those ‘industry leaders’ have inferior products and services to yours – and they charge double, even sometimes triple your prices!

I get it, it’s just not fair.  In fact, it’s painful.

However, these ‘industry leaders’ have SOMETHING that you don’t:  Profile and Status.

You may have heard ‘industry leaders’ also referred to as: experts, high profile or high status people, celebrities, or specialists…

It doesn’t really matter.

You know who they are… the ones who speak at events, get invited to parties, have clients who beg for their service, and to be around them.

I call it the ‘Celebrity Effect‘.

And I will train you on exactly how to get it fast… and without spending a cent!

Is this Contraversial?

Kind of.  It’s more accurate to call it ‘unfair advantage‘.

Introducing My Revolutionary New System, “Publicity Power”

Available for the First 20 People Only!

I must limit numbers to 20 because I will be training those people live, online and because its interactive, it is not practical (or fair) to have more attend.

And once these spots are gone, they’re gone.

If you miss the live training, I will be releasing a online course a few months later.  However, it be 4 times the price….

Don’t worry, if you are one of first 20 to order the live training, you will get those recordings – plus the FULL ACCESS to the online course that I will release later (and much, much more!)

It is a no-brainer to grab this opportunity, because of the sheer value (plus it will be lots of fun!)

I will tell you all about that shortly.

But first

Let’s look at the reasons why you are the best person to get your own publicity:

  • PR agencies are expensive and will charge you $10,000 per month
  • Getting publicity is an incredibly valuable new skill
  • You know your business better than anyone else
  • You can repeat it again and again (for Free!) to get an avalanche of new leads, sales and clients
  • PR agencies can be slow to react because they have other clients to service

Want to hear something crazy?

Many people I work with don’t believe they can get into the media deep down.

They usually believe they are ‘too’ something. Too shy, too short, too tall, too fat, too unattractive, too thin, too old, too young, too unknown – and the list goes on.

However, I love seeing their limiting beliefs shatter once they get media exposure!

As a result of the media attention, they tell me how much their lives have changed!

People beg to do business with them (and are willing to pay a lot more!), they get invited to parties and events, they have clients lining up who are happy to pay them what they deserve, build a team quickly, they have more time for their family and friends.

But most importantly, their message resonates directly with the people they want to inspire!

Why Learn My System?

Some people call me a ‘media insider’.  I have worked with some of leading journalists and media personalities out there.

I know what they really want (not what they ‘say’ that they want) in a great story…

and I will be sharing all of this information with you (it may shock you!)

This is priceless!  Because to prepare your media release, you must know what the media want – plus, you have to know how to deliver it!

Below are just a few of the journalists and media personalities I have had the pleasure of meeting, and working with:


Who Can Publicity Work For?

The true beauty of publicity is that it can work for any type of business, social enterpise, brand or person.  For example, entrepreneurs, small businesses, online businesses, startups, influencers, charities, trade businesses, retail, professional services, and many more.


You can seriously transform yourself and your business.

The confidence that you will gain after you score publicity will be absolutely off the charts.

Your friends and family will think you are a celebrity and are finally ‘kicking goals’ and your business will grow and grow!

The Publicity Industry’s Dirty Little Secret…

There is a lot of mystique about the public relations industry which probably stems from the old Madison Avenue days…

when contacts and ‘media insiders’ were a huge part of the game…

Not anymore!

Now, thanks to the digital age, you can cut out the middle man and do it yourself, 100% FREE!

You can get publicity, even if:

  • You’re not a writer
  • You have no experience whatsoever
  • You have no idea of what to say or email
  • You have no idea where to find media contacts
  • You think you or your business is too boring, too old, too fat, too embarrassed or ‘too’ anything else!

How Can Publicity Help Me?

No other method can add a shot of adrenaline to your business as quickly as publicity can.

The media is extremely powerful.

Do it the wrong way – and you can get on the media ‘blacklist‘ – which I will tell you exactly how to avoid!

There is simply too much to gain by getting in the media – for example:

  • Getting recognized as an expert with features in big-name publications
  • More clients who beg to work with you and who pay you handsomely for the privilege!
  • Dramatically boost the value of your business
  • Grow your email list with an avalanche of potential clients
  • Get invited to industry functions and events
  • Meet influencers and have industry icons and thought leaders share your work and insights

Getting in the media is hands-down the fastest way to build a reputation.

I mean, one story can quickly build the reputation you need OVERNIGHT!

For example, I successfully pitched a story about a little-known Australian beauty pageant to Channel 10’s The Project with the angle being that the pageant embraced inclusivity and diversity.

When the 5-minute 30-second segment aired, the beauty pageant’s website crashed due to the sheer number of pageant hopefuls wishing to sign up!

Imagine how much trust and credibility you will have if you get your business in your local newspaper, the Today Show, or in Forbes!

Publicity is literally a no-brainer!

Getting media exposure should be the goal of EVERY business!

Want to Know the Best Part?

Unlike ads, which have a very short lifespan, your business can capitalise on media success for years and years!!!

when ads are gone, they’re gone…

Also, once you get into the media, it is the ULTIMATE content to share on Social Media.  I call this the publicity multiplier effect…

Also, think about how you will feel when people start talking to you like you’re a celebrity in your industry!

Now You Can Experience the ‘Celebrity Effect’ Yourself

The ‘No Reputation’ Trap:

When business owners need new clients, and they have no reputation in their market, it can lead them to commit ‘business suicide’.

Let me explain a typical scenario:

Alice has recently started her journey has an entrepreneur.  She need new clients.  She posts to social media, writes blog posts and boosts her posts on Facebook because that’s what an online expert told her.

However, nothing works.

Alice is at a BBQ and is speaking to her friend’s husband, David.  After telling David about her new consulting services.  David refers Alice to his boss to help in their business.  Alice sends a proposal to David’s boss, who asks her to reduce the price because it is above another quote he has received.

Alice is desperate and says “OK”. Alice thinks if she does a great job at this low price, just the first time, it will be good to get a client ‘through the door’.

Alice did a fantastic job.  David’s boss is so happy, that he refers Alice to his colleague, Amanda, for the same services.

Alice sends the regular proposal to Amanda.  However, now Amanda knows how much she charged David’s boss and wants the same.

Alice has established a reputation of being ‘cheap’.

Want to know what always happens next?

Alice continues to attract clients who beat her down on price, are needy, keep pushing for more than what they paid for, and cause Alice to lose her sanity.

Alice hears that her closest competitor drives a new Mercedes, has big name clients, has overseas family holidays twice a year, contributes to charities, and speaks at events.  She is confused because her competitor offers half as much as her, at double the price!

If you are perceived in the market as ‘cheap’ you will:

  • Gain little or no respect.
  • Work for a tiny fraction of what you’re really worth.
  • Attract clients who expect low prices.
  • Spend your days preparing endless quotes and proposals that go nowhere.
  • Have time-consuming meetings with prospects who say they “will get back to you” – but never do.
  • Be constantly answering to demanding clients.
  • Take on work that you don’t want to do.
  • Get clients who squeeze all of your time and energy, so you have none left for your own family!


Your competitors will continue to reap new clients who are happy to pay TOP DOLLAR!!!  Even if they have inferior products and services!

“Are You Ready to Discover How You Can Finally Get Paid What You Are Worth And Have Time To Spend With Your Family That They Deserve?”

Do Any of These Sound Familiar to You?

  • You are not getting calls to your business
  • You believe if more people knew about you, you would get more business
  • You have spent a small fortune on Facebook or Google Ads with no results
  • You hired an SEO company who told you that search engine rankings would equal more clients, but instead, you heard the sounds of crickets…
  • You have no idea where your next clients are coming from
  • You have no idea how to separate yourself from your competition
  • You have something important to share, but nobody seems to be listening
  • You know that people pay brands more who have a ‘media celeb status’ (They will want to get to know you – and brag to others that you are ‘their friend’!)

This is what you need…

To start taking action. Results require a leap. If you do the same things over and over and expect different results, it is the definition of insanity (really!)

Imagine waking up in the morning to discover an inbox full of leads….

“The Media Can Make You a Legitimate ‘Overnight Success’ and Your Friends Will Have NO IDEA How You Suddenly Became a Celebrity”

And people will beg to work with you and finally pay you what you’re worth!

Once you get a few stories out, journalists will go back to you, again and again…

You see, the media needs stories!

In fact, they are begging for them.

But it’s not only stories… the media also is looking for industry experts to comment on stories, share their perspectives, and give their advice!

Unlike what many people believe, reaching out to journalists can be a pleasant experience!

But you must know how to do it, otherwise you can burn bridges…

When you really think about it, you’re helping them to do their jobs by bringing stories to them!!!

They should be thanking you (and probably will if you do it in the RIGHT WAY!).

This can completely change your destiny!

Publicity Power is the perfect system, if you want to get on TV, Radio and top Podcasts and in (local, national & world) newspapers and magazines and leading online publications… step-by-step!

Now… This is it… the ultra-amazing opportunity:

Normally, quality training will cost between $3,000 – $10,000

And I will be charging that much in the future

But now…

Publicity Power will just be a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay!

How it works:

As I said earlier, I will be teaching this live!

You will get all the recordings as well…

Although it follows the exact 6-Steps I use every day…

You can interact and ask me all of the questions you want (that’s why we must limit this live training to only 20 people)

Plus, you can email me before the class to tell me if there is anything specific you want to learn…

and I will cover that too!

It is a seriously simple, foolproof system that will get you in the media if you follow the system!

You will be amongst the first to enrol, join our community and finally take steps to finally supercharge your profile, your income and your impact!

What would it mean for your business if you got explosive media coverage?

How will your business change once you have this incredibly persuasive social proof?

This course can pay for itself, over and over and over again…

Once you gain these skills, you will have the skills to repeat this!

Claim instant access to this incredible one-time offer that ends on:  DATE HERE

Is it Your Time to Shine and Get the Recognition You Deserve?

Publicity Power is ONE SYSTEM that allows you to get publicity in:

  • Television – news, current affairs, morning shows (local, national or global)
  • Newspapers (local, national or international)
  • Top podcasts (local, national or international)
  • Leading online publications (Authority websites, blogs, and news sites)

Get Started Now So You Can:

Skyrocket Your Business Profits

I am serious. This happens all of the time… and it can happen overnight, so you will need to be ready after your story breaks. It’s excitement plus!

Avoid the Pain

Let’s be real for a second.  If it’s not working, it’s not working.  That’s fine as long as you 1) Realise the facts and 2) Take Action.  Listen, if nothing changes, then nothing changes.  It requires you to take the step and take control.

Gain a Reputation as the expert

Let’s face it, if you don’t improve your businesses’ reputation, it is a sad (but very true) fact that you probably will continue to charge little and attract low-paying, high maintenance clients who sap you of every ounce of fun and excitement that you once had…  Plus – (perceived) experts get paid the big bucks. Fact.

Lift To The Next Level

I must warn you, once you get ‘the media reputation’ it will force you to operate on a new level that you never knew existed! This is hard to explain, but after you get in the media, you’ll probably write to me saying you totally ‘get it’!

Do The Work You Love, Not Loathe

You will re-ignite your passion… There’s nothing more empowering than accepting the clients YOU want to work with.  NO MORE begging for work, or being ‘talked down’ on price, YOU are the expert who is in demand.  Just like people don’t negotiate the prices of a specialist surgeon, they also don’t negotiate with you.

More Time To Spend With Your Family Having Fun

The major benefit of starting your business in the first place is to have free time.  Now is the time to put yourself and your family first.  You no longer accept being a slave to unappreciative, low-paying clients. That ends now – you have more media emails and phone calls to get back to who want your expert comments on a story, feature you in their glossy magazine or interview you on a leading podcast!

Personal Empowerment

Your friends and family will not recognize the ‘new and accomplished’ you!  Strong, confident and in control – all while doing it with a satisfying smile on your face that no one can wipe away.  Liberating yourself and your business will be the best decision that you ever made.  You’ve got this!

You Now Do Business On Your Terms

No more wasted hours in meetings or on the phone with tyre kickers who try to beat you down on price until you are working for scraps!  You have ONE WAY to do business and if someone wants your expertise, it will cost them to have your expertise to assist them!

Be Part of Something Bigger

Share your story and connect with the community in a place where we are committed to helping one another.  We leave no-one behind, and all members give care and consideration because it is not just about learning a valuable new skill, it is about empowering ourselves, our businesses and our lives!

Click the button below to book a call with Joanne to see if her breakthrough, new system will work for you!

Will Publicity Power work for me?

You have probably heard of courses before that attempt to teach you, with outdated information, or based on a few media wins that the ‘entrepreneur’ has achieved, which is backed up by their ‘high profile mentors’ (who they have paid).  These courses are generally accurate, but they miss a lot of the “secret PR sauce” which can make things more difficult.

Publicity Power is for you if:

You are an action-taker

I am going to show you not only how to get into the media, but how it operates.  A lot of the key is in the way you communicate, what you say, how you say it and who you say it to.  I want to warn you – that this course can only work if you follow, and trust the program.  If you follow and trust the process, there is no way that it cannot work for you!

And, if you get stuck – we are here to help YOU in the community.

You want quality clients

Once you understand how to identify your dream clients, then locate where they ‘hang-out’ and getting the right message to them is critical.  The fact is that most people try to sell to broke people – and I hate to say this – but broke people can be a lot of work!!!  It is really hard for me to say that, however, if I am going to train you, I must tell you the truth.  If that comes at the cost of slightly damaging my reputation, so be it.  In fact, there are many hard facts to swallow with PR, but if you want to get quality clients that pay well, and pay regularly, you simply must know the facts!

You’re not afraid to go outside your comfort zone to reach your big goals

To get different results, we must operate in a way that we feel slightly uncomfortable.  Ultimately, we believe that others believe in a certain way.  The notion of us thinking we know what others are thinking, is ridiculous!  We tell ourselves lies all the time! Once we move past these ‘self-imposed rules’, we can truly move our businesses ahead – in a BIG way!!! So get excited and get ready to finally shed the boring – time to move!!!

You have had enough of your competition getting the clients

You have done the work, you have expertise in what you do, and yet your competition is reaping all the top-paying clients… You’re no longer going to accept this!  You must get out from under the rock and reap the rewards that you deserve!

You, like us, want to get the recognition you deserve

When you think of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, you automatically think of the brands that they represent.

At the heart of some of the most successful brands is an attractive character.  The most critical mistake is people think you have to be physically attractive to be an attractive character. Wrong! I don’t think Ray Dalio will win a modelling competition (Sorry Ray, we love you, but you won’t!)

The key is to be likeable –  and there are simple persuasive ways to achieve this!

Publicity Power helps small businesses and entrepreneurs not only raise their personal profile but their business profile as well… as sales professionals say “they must love you, your product and your services”.

Publicity Power will show you how – and it’s simpler than you may have previously believed!

You need action in your business fast!

Because you’re worth it. And you have a whole lot to add!

You have a message that needs to be heard…

Whether you call it your purpose or calling, you may be an entrepreneur or business person that has a message that needs to get out… whether that be for charitable purposes, or even because you can’t stand someone in your industry selling inferior product to you. Whatever the reason, Publicity Power can help you reach your audience with the message you need them to hear!

Top 6 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Choose Publicity Power:

Get brand ‘celebrity status’

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Save thousands on expensive paid ads

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Build trust from your audience

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Become an authority in your industry

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Drive loads new leads and sales

This program is the complete top-to-bottom system to create irresistible pitch ideas, write captivating articles, and get your message shared far-and-wide to ultimately:

1. Grow your email list
2. Get new clients
3. Be seen as an expert.

You’ll achieve all of that simply by sharing your story with the world. Deep down, I know you’ve got more to give. So give it, baby! You’ll discover how to let loose and fearlessly raise your voice…in a way that grows your business and impact like never before.

What’s the Alternative?

I know you, me and everyone else are creatures of habit.  Our bodies and minds return to comfort – especially when we are doing things that are new… this is our comfort zone!

We retreat to our comfort zones when we face things we perceive as difficult, or will take too long or ‘too’ something else… there is the magnet to pull us back to the couch, our beds, or our social media…

Everything great in life needs us to get out of our lazy comfort zones. Point blank, that’s the truth.

I am extremely confident that you can do this. I am extremely confident you can do amazingly well.  I want your biggest problem to run out of time from running your own empire, and fighting off the media with a stick!

Believe, me… it’s within your reach. You got this!

I know there are some hard truths to face, and that’s OK.

I am here to be your coach and show you the door to the other side of what you have been doing in business is a large world of opportunity.

All you have to do is walk through the door.

So go ahead… Walk through that golden door, your future self will thank you for it.