Attention: Not-for-Profit Organisations

“Download the Ultimate Guide on How to Get FREE Publicity”

Attention: Not-for-Profit Organisations

“Download the Ultimate Guide on How to Get FREE Publicity”


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Hi, my name is Joanne Rahn, founder of Zanthii Communications.

Over the last 20 years in media & PR, I have helped literally dozens of reputable Australian charities, NFPs and social enterprises such as Red Rose Foundation Australia, Friends With Dignity, Silver Memories, Live Learn Survive, She Maps, The Backpack Venture and The Susan Roskell Toy & Gift Drive get PR on The Project, Sunrise, TODAY, Studio 10, Channel 10 National News, Courier Mail and many other media outlets around Australia…

What would it mean for your organisation, if:

– you could get free publicity for your organisation, whenever you wanted
– you could get the support of a PR expert in the charity space

Imagine what it would be like if your organisation could get media exposure, like turning on a tap!

Greater awareness equals more support, volunteers and donations!

Sound interesting…?

The trouble is, a lot of social enterprises, charities, NFPs and volunteer organisations cannot afford to pay a PR agency each month.

The truth is, most can’t even find the budget to promote one-off events…

This is where my simple 6-step media training program, Publicity Power comes in!

This system has the power to transform anyone’s business and life! It is the exact system that my staff and I use every day in my own PR agency to secure media coverage for my clients in media outlets around the world.

The best part?

Publicity Power is so simple, I have even taught it to high school-aged students who have achieved results for clients on TV, Radio, and Podcasts or in Glossy Magazines, Leading Blogs, and Newspapers.
And now, with Publicity Power, you can do the same for your organisation!

Joanne Rahn

Just a Few of the Media Outlets Where Jo’s Clients Appear:

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.”

– Richard Branson- 


Jo’s Clients Get Results:

Image of clients on television

“We knew that publicity was essential to drive our business forward.  Unfortunately, we had very limited success using PR agencies.  We also tried posting to social media, however, it did not work for us.  Jo helped Live Learn Survive appear on national TV, radio, and in several publications and newspapers.

Working with Jo is fantastic, her energy knows no bounds and she will leave no stone unturned to secure great opportunities for her clients.”

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Leigh Mason & Trent ‘Maxi’ Maxwell – Live Learn Survive
Clients in media

“Prior to working with Jo we tried Social Media and Facebook advertising, which we quickly realised was not enough. We needed help to reach far and wide. Within one week of working with Jo, we went from no media opportunities to needing a calendar to make sure we didn’t double book! Being in our first year, I wasn’t sure the media would want to pick us up.However, Jo helped us to secure 5 radio interviews and 3 Newspaper interviews.

We couldn’t believe when Today show reporter, Lara Vella and her camera and sound crew came to record us! Thanks to that amazing opportunity, The Backpack Ven ture received a huge donation from Amazon Australia. Thanks to Jo, we reached many of our two-year goals in our first year!”

stars review

Catherine Woodbine – The Backpack Venture

Hear From Joanne’s Other Clients:

“Joanne is amazing! She is my PR guru! I have consistently had press all over Australia and internationally, I’ve been on tv on Sunrise and weekend shows, the news, in women’s magazines and interviewed on radio, all because I have her by my side! She has helped me build my brand over the last two years and is a professional powerhouse to work with. She’s awesome!”

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Suzi Dent – Mrs Earth Australia 2017, Keynote Speaker, Mentor & MC

and“To one of the best PR agents and firms around, more wonderful exposure. Your passion is amazing and it shows with consistent results. To any business who doesn’t think they can afford exposure and a direct increase in customers, then don’t use PR. For those that want it, there is only one choice: Joanne Rahn at zanthii communications.”

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Andrew Barker, Former Chief Marketing and Sales Officer ANZ at Bartercard

“PR is second nature to Joanne. She explains the process quickly and easily and her work has resulted in excess of $1,000,000 of free media coverage for Friends With Dignity… She even taught me her system, which was incredibly simple! If you’re considering working with Jo, do it – you will be glad you did.”

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Zoe Scharenguivel – Former Director, Friends With Dignity Australia

“We used to get mediocre results in the media, but since Joanne has been helping us our results have increased 10 times!  We couldn’t be happier!  Joanne is a rare breed of PR expert who gets real world results consistently.”

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Marites Idea Novis –  CEO, QFirst Property Investment Group

“I have worked with Joanne for many years through the fashion industry and with my Entertainment biz, EPIC Creations. She is always super friendly and a fantastic communicator and is very enthusiastic, making her an absolute dream to work with! Cannot recommend highly enough!” 🙂

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Riely Alecia Saville – Creative Director, EPIC Creations

“I have used publicists before without many results. Joanne has been incredibly helpful getting us in the media consistently… I don’t know how she does it, but she gets 3x the results in one-third of the time!”

stars review

Aarti Bajaj – CEO, Wild Dreamer Productions


Why Your Business Needs Publicity:

  • Unlike expensive ads, Publicity is FREE.
  • Media exposure drives new clients to your business ($$$).
  • Publicity can transform your business overnight (literally!).
  • With my system, it is quick and easy to get into the media.
  • Online advertising is expensive (and costs are rising fast!).
  • You can finally stand out from your competitors.
  • Media builds trust and credibility for your brand.
  • People will perceive you as the experts in your market.